Rooms & Rates

Cottage 1


Well equipped double bedded room with attached western toilet and a open sit-out to view the scenic beauty of Mt. Kanchenjunga.



Cottage 2

well equipped double bedded room with attached western toilet


Traditional Food and Drinks:


Traditional Rai food (Waachippa), millet which is fermented to make local drinks, and many other traditional items provided.

Local Bird watching and Village walk:

Enjoy village walk through the herbal gardens and cardamom plantations, also local attractions like Sumni- Hwari waterfall , traditional bhutia and Rai houses that has remained virtually unchanged for last 160 years. Along with the village walk capture all kinds of bird species found in sikkim.

Cultural shows:


Visitors can also enjoy cultural show, which features Bhutia and Rai Dance and songs to the accompaniment of music played on traditional handmade instruments like Machunga and Binayoo….tap feet to the beats of madal…. or just hum the folksongs. In addition taste of the local cuisine and slowly sipping thokla (local beverage) is another rarest experience in these modern days. 

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